Success, Access, and Support

Goal:  Ensure that all Nebraskans, regardless of background or circumstances, have equitable access to opportunities for success.


Ensure that all students have access to comprehensive instructional opportunities, beginning with early childhood education, to be prepared for postsecondary education and career.

Measures of Progress:

Measure 2.C.1.   Develop a statewide open digital course and content repository and curate high-quality instructional resources, by 2020 [original 4.1].

Measure 2.C.2.   Ninety-five percent of Nebraska school districts will be able to identify at least one high-quality early childhood educational program accessible to all of the district’s resident preschool age population, by 2026 [original 4.3].

Aspirational Measures of Success:

Measure SAS.5.   Eighty-five percent of all Nebraska students, upon graduation from high school, will have completed Advanced Placement coursework, earned dual credit and/or obtained industry certification, by 2026 [original 4.2].