Teaching, Learning, and Serving

Goal:  Increase the number of Nebraskans who are ready for success in postsecondary education, career, and civic life.


Ensure every student, upon completion of secondary education, is prepared for postsecondary education, career, and civic opportunities.

Measures of Progress:

Measure 3.A.1.   Define college, career, and civic readiness, by 2020 [original 5.1].

Measure 3.A.2.   All Nebraska elementary schools will provide a tiered system of support consisting of evidence-based curriculum, instruction, interventions, and assessment for English language arts and mathematics, by 2020 [original 5.2].

Measure 3.A.3.   One hundred percent of Nebraska schools will provide all students with a program for a career awareness, exploration, and preparation, by 2026 [original 5.3].

Aspirational Measures of Success:

Measure TLS.1.   At least 50% of all Nebraska high school students from any given cohort year, will have earned a college degree, credential, or certificate, within five years of graduating from high school, by 2026 [original 5.4].