To lead and support the preparation of all Nebraskans for learning, earning, and living.

In January 2016, the Nebraska State Board of Education and the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) initiated the development of a Strategic Plan to guide the vision and direction of education in Nebraska for the next ten years. Nebraska’s Strategic Plan represents the evolution of a philosophical and practical approach to supporting education in Nebraska. This commitment unifies and strengthens positive outcomes for each and every Nebraskan through bold and achievable goals. The Strategic Plan not only outlines the critical needs and strengths within the system, but also reflects innovative approaches to ensure each Nebraskan has equitable access to opportunities and are ready for success in postsecondary, career, and civic life. The Strategic Plan is the educational journey that puts forth a new vision and bold agenda for the system of education in Nebraska. This vision will require new and innovative ways of working together, stretching beyond the status quo, and engaging stakeholders through collaborative processes. The Strategic Plan defines a direction for accountability and a system of services and supports without losing sight of the importance of ensuring compliance with state and federal policies.

The Strategic Plan guides the Board and the NDE to address some of the most urgent priorities within Nebraska. With an intentional and comprehensive focus on ensuring a reduction in educational inequities for the most vulnerable populations, this Strategic Plan directs focus on student- or client-centered outcomes, high quality opportunities, and a strong system of support for every student, every day.

The State Board of Education, in consultation with the Commissioner of Education and the NDE staff, adopted revisions to the Strategic Plan on June 7, 2019. The revisions were the result of an internal review of the Strategic Plan after two years of implementation. Major revisions include changes to the structure of the plan, as well as added strategies around stakeholder engagement and equity. Additionally, edits were made to the Measures of Progress (formerly Goals) to provide clarity and direction to operationalize the work.

Download the 2017-2026 Strategic Vision and Direction document:

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