Operational Approach

The Strategic Plan provides a framework for measuring multiple levels and processes to ensure success through standard, quantifiable metrics, artifacts, and evidence-based analyses utilizing a three-tiered approach:

Goals, Strategies, and Measures

The Board and the Commissioner will regularly review these measures of progress, as organized by the goals and strategies. The NDE measures of progress will include the Commissioner and Board activities necessary to build the department’s system of accountability and support for services and schools. The NDE will track progress on these measures of progress and other metrics required by state and federal law. The Commissioner will report to the Board annually on these measures of progress.

Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate

The Board and the Commissioner share the responsibility to:

  • Champion and lead the strategic vision and aspirational measures of success
  • Serve as change agents and capacity builders
  • Ensure progress in the goals

The Board and the Commissioner will be responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan including the development of measures, activities, and monitoring on an annual basis. A review will be presented by the Commissioner and appropriate NDE personnel annually or as directed. An objective external review of the Strategic Plan was conducted by an impartial third-party reviewer two years after adoption and will be conducted thereafter as determined by the Board with results being presented to stakeholders.