Teaching, Learning, and Serving

Strategic Priority:  Increase the number of Nebraskans who are ready for success in postsecondary education, career, and civic life

Outcome Statement:

Ensure every student upon completion of secondary education is prepared for postsecondary education, career, and civic opportunities.

Goal 5.1    By 2018, the State Board will adopt a comprehensive approach to define and measure civic readiness.

Goal 5.2    By 2020, all Nebraska elementary schools will provide evidence-based interventions for any students not on grade level in reading and/or math.

Goal 5.3    By 2026, 100% of Nebraska schools will provide all students with a program for career awareness, exploration, and preparation.

Goal 5.4    By 2026, at least 50% of all Nebraska high school students from any given cohort year, will have earned a college degree, credential, or certificate within five years of graduating from high school.