Positive Partnerships, Relationships and Success

Goals and Outcomes

Success, Access, and Support

Strategic Priority:  Ensure all Nebraskans, regardless of background or circumstances, have equitable access to opportunities for success

Outcome Statement:

Increase student, family, and community engagement to enhance educational experiences and opportunities.

Goal 2.1    By 2019, the NDE will develop a system to regularly engage and survey clients, schools, and stakeholders to gather input and measure engagement and satisfaction.

Goal 2.2    By 2026, the dropout rate of all Nebraska students including subgroups will be less than 1%.

Goal 2.3    By 2026, 100% of Nebraska schools will have all students in grades 7-12 create and utilize a personal learning plan.

Goal 2.4    By 2026, there will be a reduction in the percentage of students who are absent more than 10 days per year from 27.46% to 15%.

The Nebraska Department of Education Data, Research and Evaluation team developed a survey system design in Qualtrics to begin of this process - preview link (DRAFT version).

Percent Having Students Creating and Utilizing Personal Learning Plan – All Public Schools

Data Years Statewide Rate
2014-2015 23.94%
2015-2016 ---
2016-2017 21.38%
As measured by the AQuESTT School EBA items PPRSS5M and PPRSS5H.