Educator Effectiveness

Goals and Outcomes

Teaching, Learning, and Serving

Strategic Priority:  Increase the number of Nebraskans who are ready for success in postsecondary education, career, and civic life

Outcome Statement:

Assure students are supported by qualified/credentialed, effective teachers and leaders throughout their learning experiences.

Goal 7.1    By 2018, NDE will develop and implement a statewide teacher equity plan.

Goal 7.2   By 2020, 100% of Nebraska schools will utilize performance standards and a research-based evaluation system for all certificated staff as aligned to Rule 10.

Goal 7.3   By 2022, 100% of Nebraska schools will be staffed by teachers who have or are actively pursuing a teaching certificate with the appropriate endorsement for the subject(s) and grade level(s) of the course(s) being taught.

In 2015, Nebraska developed and submitted the Nebraska State Equity Plan in response to a federal directive. In 2016-2017, the Every Student Succeeds Act presented Nebraska with the opportunity to revisit the content of the plan submitted in 2015.

The updated Nebraska Equity Plan was submitted as a component of the Educator Effectiveness section of the Nebraska State ESSA Plan. The US Department of Education and ESSA Peers provided only positive feedback in response to the Educator Effectiveness section of the Nebraska State ESSA Plan.

As such, one might assert that Nebraska has completed Goal 7.1. However, our increasingly equity-focused organization recognizes that there will always be room for improvement with the content of our state Equity Plan as well as rigor of implementation of the Equity Plan.

Percent Utilizing Performance Standards and Research-Based Evaluation System – All Public Schools

Data Years Statewide Rate
2014-2015 61.69%
2015-2016 ---
2016-2017 60.97%
As measured by the AQuESTT School EBA items EDEFF3.